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Geocode Lookup Mapper Step
Geocode Lookup Mapper Step

The Geocode Lookup Mapper step is used to look up and validate a property address from a record.

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The Geocode Lookup mapper step is used to validate that an address exists and shows more information about the address location provided in a record. To validate, it uses the Geocode Earth service and Pelias.

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Illustrated in the below image is a flow where the Record Generator is used as a source step which has JSON code in it that contains an address. The Geocode Lookup Mapper step validates the address. The Buffer step is used to store the data.

Adding a Geocode Lookup Step

To add a Geocode Lookup step in a flow, follow the below instructions:

1. Click on the highlighted icon as shown in the below image.

2. The below page will appear. Select or search for a step to pull out the source data. Click on the Mapper tab and select Geocode Lookup as shown in the image below.

Configuring a Geocode Lookup Step

Illustrated in the below image is the configuration that is available in the Geocode Lookup step.

Address Field – Field of the address property on the record to get the address from.

From Path – Field of the geocode to map the response to the record. Leave blank to map the entire record.

To Field – Field to map on the unified record. The path on the record where the result will be mapped. This field is required for the step to work.

Country Code Filter – Comma-separated list of country codes to filter by. Leave blank to return all results. This is currently set to US by default.

Using a Geocode Lookup Step

The image below shows the Record Generator step.

Illustrated below is the configuration of the Geocode Lookup step for this example.

The image below shows the output from the Geocode Lookup mapper step.

All the data that the lookup brought back about the input address is shown under the Properties object as shown in the above image. More information has been provided, such as the postal code, the country label, the full names of the state and district, the continent, etc.

In addition, there is information about confidence and match_type fields, which confirms that this address is accurate. It is a value ranging from zero to 1 and represents a percentage. In this case, the confidence is at 1 meaning the percentage is 100%.

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