Relays act as agents to relay data between on-premise systems and Synatic.

A single Relay can provide multiple endpoint connections to on-premise systems and services (such as Files, Databases, or SDK's). Each endpoint is configured to connect to a single system or service.

Relays can be accessed from the Relay option in a Solution.

Operating Mode

Asynchronous only

In asynchronous mode, Requests are sent on a message queue to a Relay. The Relay then receives the message, processes the request, and puts the Response on the queue.

Asynchronous mode Relays:

  • Do not require any firewall configuration (except for allowing access to

  • Process requests more slowly since they need to check and return requests on the queue.

  • Lack streaming for big requests, which limits them to a size of 10MB per request.

Platforms Supported

Relays can only be built for the Windows platform.


Relays encrypt all communications and any data at rest. Each relay is uniquely identified with an encryption and identification key that can be revoked and re-issued if required.

See Also

See the Creating a Relay tutorial.

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