In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a view with the Ops Portal Runs control. The Runs view lets you view, monitor, and investigate the execution of historical runs for a specific flow.

The tutorial will show you how to:

Create an Ops Portal Runs View

Select the Control type of the view

Select the Flow

Select the Solution

Test the View

You can learn more detail about the Runs control in the following reference article.

Watch the video below to learn how to create the Runs View using the Synatic Operations Portal.

Creating an Ops Portal Runs View

To begin, you open the Operations Portal you created earlier, go to the Operations Portal menu and click ⨁ to add a new View.

  1. Give the View a name and a meaningful description.

  2. Then click Save.

Select the Control type

For this tutorial, let's select the Runs option which provides a list of flow runs executed for the configured flow.

  1. Click on the Control field.

  2. The selection list opens, now select the Runs option.

3. The Runs control window for this View opens.

Select the Flow

Now let's select a specific flow. It is this flow's execution list that will be displayed when the view is run.

  1. Click ⨁ to create a new Flow or alternatively,

  2. Click in the Flow field and select the Flow you want to use from the selection list.

Select the Solution

Select the Solution where the flow resides.

  1. Click in the Solution field.

  2. Select the Solution from the selection list.


Select the following options to further define your view.

For this tutorial, select only the following options:

  • Allow Events - This option will let you view any events that may have occurred during the run.

  • Allow Records - This option will let you view any records that may have relevance during the run.

Save the View

When you have completed the View's configuration, click the Save View button.

Test the View

It is always advisable to test each view you create in Synatic's Ops Portal.

1. Select the Ops Portal option in the Account menu to open the Operations Portal. This is also the method used by the operations personnel to process these views.

2. Select the Ops Portal view you created from the list of available views.

3. The selected flow of the Runs view executes automatically and displays a list of all the dates and times this flow was executed.

4. At this point, you can also filter the displayed list of Runs by selecting one or more of the filter options above the list.

You can filter the list by:

  • Status Runs - Click on the selection list.

  • Parent & Child Runs - Click on the selection list of Parent Runs only or Parent & Child Runs.

  • Start Date - Click and select a From date if you know when the Run took place.

  • End Date - Click and select a To date if you know when the Run took place.

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