Synatic processes records one at a time through a flow. So, if you wanted to import records from a database and send them to a spreadsheet, the resulting process would create a separate spreadsheet for each record.

If you use the Combine step, each record will be aggregated into one dataset, which can then be written to a single spreadsheet.

This step is similar to adding objects to a List or array in traditional programming.

Using a Combine Step

The Combine step is located in the Combiner drawer in the Steps palette. To use the Combine step:

  1. Select and drag the Combine step to the desired location in the flow.

  2. Give the step a name and a short meaningful description.

Note: To add a Combine step, first insert a Source Step or Reader Step in the flow, then insert the Combine step directly after.

Configuring the Combine step

The only configuration required for this step is giving the step a name and a meaningful description.



Advanced Mode Options



Let's say you want to import 10 records from a JSON file and save them as line items in a single spreadsheet.

  1. Use a JSON reader step to read in the 10 records from a JSON formatted data file.

  2. The records are then passed to the Combine step to aggregate them into a single record array.

  3. The array elements will then be processed by the Excel writer step and converted to line items in a spreadsheet.

Limitations and known issues


Useful Tutorials

Revisit the Getting Started page for a refresher.

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