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Connecting to Salesforce
Connecting to Salesforce

Connecting Synatic to Salesforce

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Setting up an integration's authentication can be a tedious task. Synatic makes it easy to connect to Salesforce using OAuth 2 . Saving a common connection allows you to create multiple integration setups without having to retype passwords and login details.

In this article, you will set up a connection to Salesforce from Synatic

Creating the connection

To start, log into your Synatic account. If you haven't already got one, read how to set up an account here.

Making the connection

Navigate to the connection tab in the menu bar on the left-hand side. Click the green + next to the connection section to create a new connection. Enter a name and description in the new connection form. Now click on the connection button at the bottom of the screen (This is indicated by the 3 in the screenshot).

Adding a connection

Create a connection by clicking on the connections button. A menu of all the connection types available will populate. If you don’t see the connection you are looking for, use the search functionality to find it. In the example below, we have searched and selected a Salesforce connection.

Note that we cater for multiple Salesforce source connections:

  • Salesforce standard

  • Salesforce Apex

  • Salesforce Bulk

  • Salesforce Buffer

Log in and get a security token from Salesforce

After selecting the Salesforce connector option, click on Login to Salesforce at the bottom of the screen. An authenticating dialog will pop up on the right-hand side of the interface. Click the Login to Salesforce button in this dialog. This will open a new tab and redirect to your Salesforce account. Sign in to your Salesforce account. If you are already signed it will show Successfully connected to Salesforce. Close this tab, and navigate back to the Synatic tab. Click the OK button on the right-hand side.

Now click Save on the step dialog

You have successfully connected Synatic to your Salesforce account.

Using the connection

When you are creating flows, you can simply select this connection from the Connection drop-down in a Salesforce step instead of logging into Salesforce every time.

Take a look at the video to see how to select the connection in a Salesforce source step:

Things to try

  • Look at some more tutorials to build a few more flows.

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