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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server

Connecting Synatic to SQL

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When setting up linkages between cloud and on-premises Databases there can be a host of different security measures and protocols that can delayed projects. At Synatic we have created connectors to allow technical users to create connections to secure environments simply with all the necessary safety measures. Once you have created this link between the two systems, we have made it simple for users to create and manipulate the data from any source into the database.
In the below, we are going to go through how simple a connection from Synatic to a SQL database can be.

Creating the connection

To start, log into your Synatic account. If you haven't already got one, read how to set up an account here.

Making the connection

Navigate to the connection tab in the menu bar on the left-hand side, then by clicking the green + next to the connection section, give it a name and description. Click on the connection button at the bottom of the screen. (This is indicated by the 3 in the below screenshot)

Adding a connection

Create a connection by clicking on the connections button. Once you have clicked on the button a menu of all the steps available will populate. If you don’t see the step you are looking for, use the search functionality to find the step. In the example below, we have searched and selected a SQL DB step.

Now that we have a step to the SQL server. You will need to add in your server details into Synatic to allow the connection between the two systems.

Details required: Server, Username, Password, Database name, port, (check encryption is active).

Then click Save on the step dialog.

You have successfully connected Synatic to your SQL DB.

Using the connection

Now that you have set up a connection to your SQL DB. When you are creating flows you can simply select this connection from the “connection” drop-down instead of entering the server details every time.

For example, I would like to select my SQL DB as a source of information to my flow.

Things to try

  • Look at some more tutorials to build a few more flows.

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