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Methods to resolve anomalies during Synatics' flow development

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Synatic uses flows to create integrations across data environments. These flows are made up of a series of steps that will define your data process. There are varying actions that can be employed, such as reading data from a source, filtering data, transforming to a particular format, calling other systems, writing data to a data source, or sending messages to a destination.

As in traditional programming, errors can be introduced in various ways during the development process or in the live runtime scenario. It is evident that such errors should be avoided at all times. This can be done using test points shown in the image below.

A recommended technique to limit the introduction of errors into Synatic flows is to develop cautiously and use the test points to test the flows often.

The articles below will discuss how errors or anomalies may be accidentally introduced into a flow, and how to use Synatic's test points to debug and resolve the errors.

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