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Creating an Organization Link
Creating an Organization Link

A tutorial on creating Org Links between Synatic instances

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a link between your current development Organization and a Quality Assurance (QA) Organization. If you require a new organization to be created, contact your Synatic Account manager.

๐Ÿ“ Note that Synatic can create organizations in different regions, such as the EU or the US. To link and synchronize organizations, they must exist in the same region.

Synatic lets you build a solution in the development environment and copy it to the QA Environment to test and confirm reliability and integrity. The next step may involve moving the Solution to a live production environment.

The tutorial will show you how to:

You can learn more about the Organization Links in the following reference article.

Watch the video below to learn how to create Organization Links.

Obtain the API Key of the QA organization

Before continuing to create a link to your QA organization, you will require an API Key to allow secure access. You can obtain the key in one of two ways:

  1. Get the key from the account owner of the QA organization.

  2. Sign in to the QA organization, click Account icon > Settings > Regenerate API Key.
    โš ๏ธ Do use this option if the current key is in use. If you do regenerate a new key all the links currently in use will not work any longer.

Create a link to the QA organization

Sign in to the Development organization, then click on the Account icon at the top-right corner of the window.

Synatic - Select Account Linked Orgs option
  • Select the Linked Orgs option.

Synatic - Create new Link to Org
  • Give the link a name and a meaningful description.

  • Enter the name of the link you want to connect to.

  • Enter the API Key that you copied and saved earlier.

  • Click Save to confirm and open the Org Link Information window.

Test the Org Link

Once you've set up the Link, you should test it first to ensure all is well.

  • Click the Test Org Link option.

  • If the link setup is correct, the test information shown below is displayed.
    ๐Ÿ“ If the link test fails, try regenerating API Key and ensure that you copy and paste the key correctly.

Synatic - Test the Org Link

Synchronize a solution with the QA organization

The final step in this process is to select and synchronize the Synatic solutions and flows to the QA organization. The Compare to Org option lets you display all the Solutions, Connections, Flows, and other solutions available in the Dev organization and can be synchronized and linked to the QA organization.

The comparison list indicates whether the object exists or not in the linked organization. You can select which of the functions to synchronize and link with the organization.

  • Click the Compare to Org option.

The Compare to Orgs panel opens and contains a tab for each of the Synatic solutions.

Each item contains an indicator of its existence in the target organization and an option to Sync and Link.

All solutions contain a Sync option:

  • Click Sync to copy the solution to the target Org and synchronize it.

The Connection and Relay solutions also include a Link option.

  • Click the Link option to select an alternate connection to a datasource that only exists in the target organization.
    ๐Ÿ“ This is because the same datasource won't exist across development and live platforms, so you must connect to a data source that exists in the target organization.

    • Select the connection you want to use from the connections that exist in the target organization. This will then substitute the connection used in the source organization (Dev) with the one in the target organization (QA).

Status descriptions

  • Exists
    This indicates that the synchronized solution flow does exist in the target QA Organization with one of two conditions.

    • No Differences - indicates that there are no differences in the solution between the source Dev organization and the target QA organization.

    • Differences - indicates that there are differences in the solution between the source Dev organization and the target QA organization. The differences have a link ID that can be viewed by clicking the 'eye' icon.

    • Click the Sync option to update the solution in the QA org.

  • Doesn't Exist
    This indicates that the solution flow does not yet exist in the target QA because the Solution has not been Sync'ed to the QA Organization.

  • Sync
    This option is available when the solution does not yet exist in the target QA organization and can be selected and synchronized.

  • Link
    Some solutions such as a Connection or a Relay contain security credentials and require these to use an alternate data source connection which probably only exists in the target organization. This implies that you will substitute the connection in the source organization (Dev) with one in the target organization.

It is recommended that the synchronizing and linking be done in the order of the tabs from left to right.

View from the Dev organization

To view the status of the linked organization.

1. Sign in to your Development organization, go to the Account > Linked Orgs option.

2. Click the Compare to Org option to display the solutions available and their synchronized links.

3. Solution objects that contain differences are displayed as shown below.

4. Click on the eye icon to view the changes in the differences view, with the left panel being the Dev source organization and the right panel being the QA target organization.

View of the linked target organization

To view the status of the target organization, sign in to the QA organization and view the left side-bar menu solutions.

All the synchronized solutions will be available to test.

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