Organizations today use many software systems and applications, which in many cases are situated in disparate production locations.

In system deployment, a set of systems in which a Synatic solution is deployed and executed, there may be a Development environment (Dev) and a Production environment (Prod) which may be separated, often with other stages in between, for example, a Quality Assurance (QA) stage.

Synatic solutions are usually created and developed in one environment and then go through a quality assurance phase and finally deployed in a production or live environment.

Organization links are Synatic configuration settings where one organization instance is configured to communicate and synchronize with another organization instance and is secured using an API Key.

Organizational Environments

Usually Synatic Solutions are created and tested in the following organization instances incorporated in an end-to-end deployment environment.


A Synatic development server is used as a sandbox where the developer may perform all flow experimentation, development, and testing.

Acceptance Testing

The environment where the Synatic solution's acceptance testing is performed. A quality control team must ensure that the new Synatic solution will not have any adverse impact on existing functionality and test all the major functionalities after deploying to the test environment.


The production environment serves end-users and clients and is also known as a live environment, particularly for servers, as it is the environment that end-users interact with directly.

Deploying to production is a sensitive step as it deploys a new solution directly by overwriting an old solution or deploying a configuration change.

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