The JSON Reader step is a simple step that instructs Synatic to process incoming data in JSON notation.

Synatic has the functionality built-in the JSON step. The JSON Step is located in the Reader drawer in the Steps palette. To use a JSON Step in your flow, drag it onto the desired location in the flow, and configure it.

Configure the JSON step

The JSON is normally used and saved as is. However, there are a few settings you can apply, if necessary.



Select this option if you want to buffer the response before reading the data from the source.

Path ( Force Buffer)

Add the path of the buffer to force Synatic to use the Buffer.

Advanced Mode Options

String Encoding

Synatic currently only applies the UTF8 encoding. Future versions will extend this selection.

Limitations and known issues


Useful Tutorials

Revisit the Getting Started page for a refresher.

Read more about Steps here.

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