In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a view with the Ops Portal HTML control.

You can use the information provided by this view to design a good page layout for any data you may provide to others by posting or email.

The tutorial will show you how to:

Create an Ops Portal HTML View

Select the Control type of the view

Select the Flow

Customize the HTML Template

Test the View

You can learn more detail about the HTML control in the following reference article.

Watch the video below to learn how to create the HTML View using the Synatic Operations Portal.

Creating an Ops Portal HTML View

To begin, you open the Operations Portal you created earlier, go to the Operations Portal menu and click ⨁ to add a new View.

  1. Give the View a name and a meaningful description.

  2. Then click Save.

Select the Control type

For this tutorial, let's select the HTML option.

  1. Click on the Control field.

  2. Select the HTML option from the selection list,

3. The HTML control window for this View opens.

Select the Flow

Now let's select a specific Flow to apply to the View.

  1. Click ⨁ to create a new Flow or alternatively,

  2. Click in the Flow field and select the Flow you want to use from the selection list.

Customize the HTML Template

You can create an HTML page with your own branding to serve your custom page content.

Your custom page content can contain any HTML elements, including CSS and JavaScript.

Apart from all the regular editor options, you can select the </> button to open the coding mode to paste any direct HTML code, or alternatively, use a designer to create your page layout.

To retrieve data from a source, and display it on the page, you can extract the data using the field names and their associated value.

For example, in the image above the data is placed on the page as:

Author: {{Author}}

Name: {{Name}}

The field name Author can be obtained from the output of the Get All Books flow which is displayed as follows:

In Synatic, you can use the Handlebars template to process the value of the field by writing it as {{Author}}.

Save the View

When you have completed the View's configuration, click the Save View button.

Test the View

It is always advisable to test each view you create in Synatic's Ops Portal.

1. Select the Ops Portal option in the Account menu to open the Operations Portal. This is also the method used by the operations personnel to process these views.

2. Select the Ops Portal view you created from the list of available views.

3. The result of the Graph view is displayed.

The view displays the Pie Chart depicting the Author and No. of Reviews values at the time the view was executed.

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