Schemas are an organized framework of the information you are requesting from or submitting to an API.

  • Most databases implement some form of schema which will help you define your API's data in a more structured manner.

  • You can connect various components of your API development and testing process to your schema.

Synatic - API Builder - Schema Tab

To build your schema:

  • Click Add ⨁ adjacent to the Schemas tab.

  • You have two options to build your scheme, you can either Import it from a Buffer or create it manually.

Import Schema

You may import your schema from a Buffer if you have one already configured:

  1. Click the Select a Buffer dropdown field and select the relevant Buffer.

  2. Click Import Schema to begin the import process from the Buffer.

Create Manually

Select the designer tab:

  1. Click the + icon and enter each field you want in your schema.

  2. Enter a name for each field.

  3. Select the data type for each field.

  4. Select the required marker for each field.

  5. Click Save Schema to confirm schema.

Watch the video below to learn how to create a Schema.

Useful Tutorials

Revisit the Getting Started page for a refresher.

Read more about the API Builder here.

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