Synatic uses the term security scheme for authentication and authorization schemes. All security schemes used by the API must be defined in the Security Schemes tab.

Synatic - API Builder - Security Scheme Tab

To create a new Security Scheme:

Click ⨁ adjacent to the Security Scheme tab.

Select the appropriate Authentication Type you want to use to protect the API from one of the following HTTP authentication tabs:

  • Basic: Basic authentication is a simple scheme using a username and password.

  • User Groups - Users Groups apply authentication via the Synatic User Groups.

  • Bearer: Bearer authentication involves security tokens called bearer tokens.

  • API key: An API key is a token that a client provides when making API calls.

  • JWT: JSON Web Token defines compact and self-contained authentication.

For this tutorial, select the API Key tab then click the Regenerate key text button.

⚠️ Please ensure that you copy and save this key and keep it in a safe place. If you forget it, you will have to regenerate a key and reapply it to all the Paths.

Watch the video below to learn how to configure the Security Scheme tab of the API

Useful Tutorials

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