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Configure the API service URLs in the Info tab.

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This tutorial shows how to configure the Info tab of the API.

Service – Enter the route path of the API endpoint. Click the copy icon to save the Service URL to the clipboard.

Swagger – Enter the route path of the metadata endpoint. Click the copy icon to save the Swagger URL to the clipboard.

Title and Description – The default values from the first-time creation.

Default Security Scheme – Set the default security scheme to be applied to all the routes. Set to None at the beginning because no security schemes have been set as yet. Once set, it will appear in the dropdown list.

Disabled checkbox – Select this checkbox if you want to disable the API.

Save Click to confirm and save the Info tab.

Delete – Click to delete the API.

Useful Tutorials

Revisit the Getting Started page for a refresher.

Read more about the API Builder here.

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