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5 Query the Buffer data
5 Query the Buffer data

Use the Query Builder to debug or interrogate the Buffer data

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Filter Tab

Click the Filter > button to filter the buffer data and view only selected values using the Query Builder.

Query Builder tab

This tab enables you to build a filter query to:

  • View the data in a list that matches the selected criteria.

  • Interrogate and debug the data.

  • Search the data.

Query Builder

The Query Builder uses the following criteria to set up the filter.

  • Boolean logic to apply logical filter operations.
    • Select an appropriate operator from AND, OR, NOT.

  • Rules to apply comparative operators to return records with specified data values.
    • Select a data field, an operator, the value, and the data type in each line.
    • To add more rules, click the Add Rule or Add Group buttons.

  • Field tags to only display specified columns.
    • Click on Add a tag, then type in the column name.

  • Sort fields to list the data in a specific order using the Order By operator.
    • Click the + icon to add key index fields using the MongoDB Extended JSON specification.

  • Skip is used to omit the first n number of records as specified.
    • As an example, enter 5 into the input to omit the first five records.

  • Click the Query Values text button to execute the query and list the result below.

Raw Query

The Raw Query option lets you examine the filter query with the comparative operators displayed in MongoDB Query Language.

Raw Query

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