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Monitor all changes that are made to your Synatic organization

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The change log is used to record and monitor all changes made by each user.

To access the change log, click on your username initials located on the top right of your Synatic instance to open the account menu. Then click on Change Log as highlighted in the below image.

The change log captures the following:

  • Date

  • Action made

  • Function type

  • Target affected

  • Flow change


You can filter based on the following:

  • User

  • Component type (flow, buffer, relay, parameter, connection, service view)

  • Action/Operation type

  • Date range


Restore a deleted flow

If a flow is deleted and you require to restore it, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Restore button in the Action column next to the flow that you want to restore.

2. Once the flow is restored, the message in the below image will appear and the flow will appear in the solution it was deleted from.

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