Flows can be run manually, but often it is useful to run a flow based on an event. A common event would be the receipt of an email with a file attached (for example, a requisition form, an application form, etc.).

You can do this in Synatic by inserting and configuring the Email Trigger step in a flow. The flow will run automatically when an email is received at a specific email address created by the Email Trigger step.

Note: You can add one or multiple trigger steps to the Trigger block of a flow.

Using an Email Trigger Step

The Email Trigger is located in the Trigger drawer in the Steps palette. To use the Email trigger step:

  1. Select and drag the Trigger step onto the Triggers box in the flow.

  2. Configure the options available.

Note: The Trigger box is always the first step in a flow and may be left blank and unused, or it may be configured to use one or more trigger steps.

Configuring the Email Trigger

Domain Filter

The trigger will only respond to emails received from the configured domain filter value.

Enter a single domain filter value required to start the flow without the @, yourdomain.com, yourdomain.org, yourdomain.co.uk, etc.

File Filter

Enter the filter values of files that are attached to the email required to start the flow. An example are files with extensions, such as .csv, .docx, .xlsx, etc.

You can also use any valid Regular expression (regex) to filter attachments.

Learn more about Regular expressions.


Process Attachments

Select the checkbox to process any attachments that are set in the file filter.

Note: A separate flow will be executed independently for each attachment to the email that matches the file filter.

Advanced Mode Options



Let's assume that you want clients to send an application email to an Email trigger address. The email will be detected, and the flow will process the application.

The Email trigger step will create an email address something similar to the following:

Note: After saving, click the Email Trigger step edit icon once again to view the email address created.


Note: There are two further options available to Disable and Detach the trigger. Be aware that there is a delay of approximately 10 minutes until the trigger is deactivated.

Limitations and known issues

The attachment file size is limited to 10MB across all attachments.

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