Connections provide secure storage for connection strings to services and systems.

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Synatic offers a wide range of 3rd Party connectors as Sources, Destinations and Lookups. To simplify reuse and secure the configuration, Synatic uses Connections. There are over 86 different connections to different systems, including a custom API connection (HTTP Service source step and HTTP Service destination step).

The credentials are stored on our cloud platform; however, the credentials are encrypted once entered.

  • Creating a connection in the Global solution means that any flow from another solution will be able to use that connection.

  • If a connection is created in a specific solution, the connection will only be available for that specific solution.

Creating a Connection

To create a Connection flow, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the three menu dots (⋮) adjacent to the solution name (1).

2. From, there click the Create button > adjacent to the new solution (2) in the sidebar to expand it.

3. Select Connection from the options provided (3).

A new connection can also be added while editing a Step's configuration, by clicking the highlighted plus (+) in the connection chooser as shown in the image below:

The connection creator will pop up.

1. Give the connection a name (the description is optional).

2. Click on the outlined icon to select the connection type.

3. Select the required Connection Type from the list.

Alternatively, use the search bar outlined in green in the image below. In this example, the SQL connection type is selected.

4. Configure the Connection Type by providing the required credentials.

Click on the highlighted plus (+) icon in the above image to expand the Options tab to access the advanced configuration which is shown in the below image.

Testing a Connection

The Connection can be tested by clicking on the "Test button" in the Connection details after you first Save the connection.

Using a Connection

Using a Connection in a Step is just a matter of selecting it from the outlined drop-down when creating or editing a Step.


All sensitive Connection information is encrypted and redacted which means it is never sent back to the front end. There is no way for the User or Synatic to retrieve connection information and it can only be updated.

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