Synatic offers a wide range of 3rd Party connectors as Sources, Destinations and Lookups. To simplify reuse and secure the configuration, Synatic uses Connections.

Creating a Connection

You can create a new Connection by clicking on the green "+" next to connection in the solution you want to add your connection to:

You can also create a new connection inline while editing a Step's configuration, by clicking the green "+" in the connection chooser:

The connection creator will then popup, where you can configure the connection and select the type (for connections created outside of a step). This video shows how.

You can also test the Connection (if available) by clicking on the "Test button" in the Connection details:

Using a Connection

Using a Connection in a Step is just a matter of selecting it from the Connection drop down when creating or editing a Step:


All sensitive Connection information is encrypted and redacted which means it is never sent back to the front end. There is no way for the User or Synatic to retrieve connection information and it can only be updated.

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